Studio Joop presents a collection thats is ready to be seen and that is why we can’t wait to introduce ourselves. Since 2015 this label owned by Anniek Beije is growing into a green and creative workspace. A mishmash of styling, graphic design, ceramics, concepts and photography makes studio joop stand out from the crowd.

One thing immediately strikes in the work of Studio Joop: simplicity. This reverberates in the graphic approach and the minimalistic outcome. Everyday things accentuated in a different light, with an eye for detail. The most beautiful moments don’t need garnishing and that is precisely the feeling Studio Joop wants to capture. The ongoing project Plant Series is the first example of this attitude.

Plant Series is a mixture of different botanical photographs that are perfect for everyone that likes to be surrounded by plants, but somehow can’t seem to keep them alive. Also, anyone with a green heart will walk away with these plants on paper. The central focus is on the gorgeous plants themselves, each with their own story and own appearance, pictured as pure as possible. Botanical prints that are an addition to your own habitat or that of someone else, that don’t need watering every day.

Studio Joop is expanding its scope, without losing the main focus: the botanical world. Plant Series centers around living green itself. Now comes the time to introduce a series of ceramics to give plants and flowers the beautiful home they deserve.

Ceramic Series does exactly that. Plant cups, planters, plates and pots together will form a living collection of unique ceramic items. Handmade, so that no two pieces are the same. The use of earthy and natural colors underlines the relation to botanics and gives this series a minimal feel. At the same time this simple use of color ties all the different items visually together. Each item embraces imperfections, little mishaps and happy accidents to give it an unique feel and attitude. This way the living nature of the plants is reflected in their homes, to make sure plant and pot are a perfect match!

Ceramic Series will be a small collection by choice, to maintain it’s one of a kind feel. However, it will be continually injected with new items. So do not hesitate if you see something you like. And maybe we can work something out together to satisfy those special cravings or desires for certain items.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any further questions about my work and/or potential collaborations.

Studio Joop

plant studio based in Groningen, a tiny webshop with botanical prints, handmade ceramic by Studio Joop and complementary products.
anniek beije